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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A review of my novel "A Lucky Break"

Here is a review of my novel A Lucky Break by a fellow author Lydia Lin, here is the blurb for the novel a time travelling romantic comedy:-

On his way to a job interview James Campbell is mugged, not a good start to his day but it leads to a fortuitous discovery, he can travel through time. James quickly realises that he can use this breakthrough to amass a small fortune. It rapidly changes his life and then quite accidently he travels back to 1647 the time of Oliver Cromwell and the delectable Esmeralda. Follow him as romance blossoms but not without one or two unexpected problems along the way.

And here is Lydia’s review:-

An enjoyable story told in a chatty, good-natured tone, as hinted by the fitting book cover design. Take this book along to read while waiting for a family member undergoing dental cleaning. The author is humorous at times and very detailed in delivering the narrative. (I did skip a few pages that describe the cricket match.) The sincerity of the idealistic main character will allow you to look past the typos and punctuation errors that occasionally pop up on the page.    

Below is a parody inspired by this book:

O young James Campbell is come out of the wall.
His head is dizzied but his mind remains clear.
And sharing his good fortune, he's a friend to all,
But the one he most desires is his Esmeralda dear.

Not only did Lydia take the time to read and review the novel, she also very generously took the time to give me a list of typos etc. Thank you so much Lydia.

So my sincere apologies to those readers who have a copy of A Lucky Break with errors in it. I’m currently working on the eBook to turn it into a print version through Createspace and all errors will be corrected. Seeing as how I ranted about the need for self-published authors to get their work as good as they can I feel humbled I published this book with these typos. All I can say is that I was too enthusiastic to get it out there. Another few weeks and it would have been as near to perfect as I could make it. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Now, Lydia’s book is Sweetie Goes to Bed and here is the blurb:-

A little story about a bed-time routine gone awry. Naughty Sweety sneaked
out of his cradle and learned a lesson the hard way. This picture e-book is written in simple language for young kids to read.

It provides a link to the an audio file for a lullaby and a children's song. Click here to view the animated book trailer. 

Also there is a Question & Answer game provided to add fun to the learning. Lydia plans to add more play and learn activities to the new blog site at: The Question and Answer Game

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