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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Review of God, Yes! Hell, No! By John Alexander Baker.

As I’ve said before when I’ve reviewed a book of this nature, I’m not a religious person so I guess I always approach the subject with a cynical eye. I try not to but I believe it is very difficult if not impossible to approach anything with a completely open mind. However I found God, Yes! Hell, No! a fascinating read.

The basic premise of the entire book is that there is a god, a loving caring god, one who could not possibly have created a hell. How could the Almighty do anything as cruel as that? Now this will be a controversial concept for many religious people and John makes no apologies for that but he believes the whole idea of hell, eternal damnation and all is just a MAN made concept to keep the people in fear and under their control. Remember the people who were originally being preached too lived in a very small world, most could not read or write so all their information came by word of mouth and what better way to control the population than offering them eternal damnation if they did not obey God’s laws.

A short quote by the author:-

If God doesn’t want these billions of people, why doesn’t he just destroy them, completely? Why does he have to make them “Suffer” for all of eternity, forever and ever? I just cannot believe that he would do such a thing. It makes absolutely no
sense at all.

Which pretty well sums up his thoughts on the subject.

The author backs up his thesis with hundreds of passages from the bible that he claims is a constant contradiction against itself, perhaps this is down to interpretation by the reader or their religious leader or minister. Reading the author’s words I can see what he is saying, are these readings selective? I’m not qualified to comment, I’ll leave that to the more studied reader.

I can tell you that the research that has gone into writing this book is amazing and the way John links things together proves beyond doubt he knows his subject.

This isn’t a comfortable read, not a just before sleep book, but a very serious study of faith, its influence on believers’ lives and the entire concept of there being a hell. He will ask you to look at your faith, your beliefs and point out that you have a God given brain to make your own choices.

My final words on God, Yes! Hell, No! Is I believe an important book in the religious library but one you must be prepared to read with an open mind. The choice is yours.

My rating 4 out of 5.

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