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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Are Governments fit to Govern?

The world waits to see if the Republicans and the Democrats can reach an agreement that would stop the USA defaulting on a loan repayment next Tuesday. Greece and Ireland are bankrupt with Spain Italy and Portugal not far off. Every country in the western world is in dept up to its eyeballs. So are governments fit to govern? Successive governments world wide have borrowed way beyond the country’s ability to pay, the ruling party depending on growth in GDP tomorrow to pay for today’s prolificacy. Don’t politicians ever read and learn from history? Don’t they know that there will always be boom followed by bust, (thank you banks for your irresponsible behaviour that got us into this current mess).

In the UK most of the politicians are what we call the political classes. They have never had a proper job, come from rich well to do families and have no idea what it is like to struggle because of lack of money. David Cameron the British Prime Minister is currently on holiday in Italy with his family in a £9,500 per week villa. That is virtually twice what a British pensioner gets in a year in pension. HE REALLY UNDERSTANDS POVERTY.
I call governments 4 or 5 year dictatorships. Before they are elected the politicos promise the earth then fail to deliver on 90% of what they say. In the UK if it were left up to the people to decide Immigration would be stopped, Foreign Aid would be stopped and the UK would leave the EU. The politicos know this so these matters were barely discussed before the last general election.

I remember watching the inauguration of President Obama along with millions of others. I think the whole world had hope for the future at that ceremony, a hope for change, a hope for YES WE CAN.
In the meantime the people suffer, and will continue to do so for generations to come!!!!!

We wait for Tuesday, what will be the consequences of failure, who knows, but it will be the people world wide that will suffer, that you do know.

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Terry Callister said...

I'm delighted to see that in the US they have resolved, for the time being, the crisis. What a situation for the World's leading country to find itself in.