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Friday, July 29, 2011

Print or eBooks or both?


As word of www.booksandnovelstoread.com is spreading I am getting more and more requests from authors to put their books on the website. That is fantastic and long may it continue and help us all sell our self published books and novels.

However there are a number of those books that are only in the printed format with no eBook available. I believe this is short sighted because evidence suggests that eBooks are outselling the printed version by about 4 to 1. That is potentially a lot of book sales you could be missing out on. It isn’t difficult to create an eBook from your printed version.

Go to www.smashwords.com which is a totally free website in which to upload your book. Follow the Smashwords Style Guide to alter the formatting of your book so it is suitable for Smashwords. Their so called meat grinder turns your upload into virtually every type of digital format so your book can be read on any eReading device from Kindle through to Ipad and every thing in between.

If you are serious about selling your work you need to do this, you know it makes sense. One final thing when you’ve created your eBook let me know and it will be my pleasure to put it onto Books and Novels to Read.com.

All the best - Terry

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