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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm delighted to tell you?????

I’m as pleased as punch to tell you that my wife Sandra’s first novel Moorcroft - The Possession the printed version is now available to purchase from Createspace immediately. It will be on Amazon.com within the week (so I am told) and all the other Amazon locations in due course, watch this space.

I’m very proud of Sandra’s achievement, I didn’t realise what a talented writer she is. I’ve been writing for quite some time as you know and Sandra had always told me how at school as a child she would always write ten or so pages for a story where as all the other kids would only write three or four pages. The signs of an active imagination I’m sure you will agree. Then one day going through some old papers I found a hand written outline for a story. With a bit of pushing from me Sandra started writing and the story just grew and grew. When it got to over 600 pages Sandra decided to split the tome into three and thus was born The Moorcroft Trilogy.

I know I’m biased but I think the story is extremely good. It isn’t what I would consider the normal type of book I like to read but did enjoy it immensely. It is a romantic ghost story with some unusual twists that Sandra’s imagination came up with.

Here is the blurb from the back cover:-

When tragedy strikes on the day of her wedding with the accidental death of her fiancé Frederick, Charlotte Worthington goes into a rapid decline taking her close to insanity. When her father dies soon after it is too much for the young woman and she takes to her bed and with the help of some sleeping drafts commits suicide. However her lonely and restless spirit is not yet ready to leave the home she loves and she wanders the halls and corridors of Moorcroft waiting for Frederick to return to her.
Charlotte’s character is confusing, at times kindly and loving and at others mischievous and spiteful as she strives to get her own way, so she has mixed feelings when the Gardener Family invade her home and become its new residents. Sarah, the young daughter refuses to acknowledge the existence of the ghost and Charlotte torments her in return. Richard the son grows from a cheeky boy into a handsome man and Charlotte is captivated and is determined to make him her own. Totally unaware of Charlotte’s existence, Richard falls head over heels for his sister’s best friend Victoria and proposes marriage. It is then that the trouble really starts. To what lengths will Charlotte go to rid herself of her rival and win Richard’s affections?

Click here to buy a printed copy of Moorcroft - The Possession from the Createspace eStore.

Click hereto buy an ebook copy of Moorcroft - The Possession from Smashwords.

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