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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Very First Post

After asking everybody in the Books and Novels to Read contact list what they thought about Google Adwords as a way to promote the website and thus boost visitor numbers, overwhelmingly the answer was that it would be a waste of money. Those who have used it in the past to advertise for the most part said that the results were poor. Those that just use Google for searches mostly said that they didn’t usually click on the Adwords adverts to the right of the screen. So that settled that question.

One contact, Joan Reeves, a very successful author of both printed and eBooks (almost 60,000 eBooks in 3 months) sent me a very comprehensive reply giving me the benefit of her broad experience, thank you so much Joan, and following her advice I’ve created this blog.

I have a personal blog which I occasionally post to, but this blog is going to be solely dedicated to promoting Books and Novels to Read and all our books. I know the blog doesn’t look very good for this first post, but as I find out and discover exactly what Blogger can do it will improve I promise, just be patient.

Please post your comments, good and bad, I can take it. Any advice, ideas or criticisms will be taken on board to help improve this blog and the website. All I want to do at the end of the day is sell our self published books.


SlingWords aka Joan Reeves said...

Hello, Terry!

Great beginning for what promises to be a great blog! I'm flattered that you mentioned me.

I think you're absolutely on the right track with your new blog, and I know that indie authors will respond to this new resource.

Best wishes,
Joan Reeves

Anonymous said...

Hello Joan

Thank you for your advice in urging me to set up this blog and for your kind comments above.

This will prove to be an important step in all us Self-Published authors selling our books.

Regards - Terry Callister

Anonymous said...

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