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Friday, July 8, 2011


Nothing to do with writing or self publishing, this is just a personal note. It was a shame to see the very last space shuttle mission take off yesterday when Atlantis was launched. Love it or hate it 30 years and 135 missions of shuttle launches was an awesome accomplishment and marks the end of an era. There were two tragedies along the way that saw some astronauts die which is a crying shame, but most endeavour on the edge of science carries innate risk. Where would mankind be if risks were never taken?

Why is the U.S. manned space programme finished, many reasons I think but proliferate government, the banks and wars must have played a major part in the downfall. The U.S. is suffering the same way that all of Europe and a lot of the western world is, but has anybody that matters learnt anything????????

Kind of ironic that the next American in space will be hitching a ride with the Russians. Has the world turned upside down or what?????

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