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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Free Book Reviews

I’ve been in touch recently with a lovely chap, Albert Robbins III. He runs a blog:-

The blog does exactly what it says on the label. Albert loves to read and write reviews plus he carries out author interviews as well. Albert actively solicits for books to review so anybody who would like their book reviewed have a look at his blog and get in touch. This can only help with promotion of your books, you know it makes sense.

There’s more.

Albert’s wife is a writer and her novel Birthright is being offered for free until the end of July as part of the Smashwords site wide promotion. Click here for your free copy of Birthright by R.J. Palmer.


Free Book Reviews said...

Thanks for the amazing plug

RJ Palmer said...

Thanks for the promotion of my book and the listing on your site, I wish you all the best.