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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review of Steps to Courage by Sandra Stiles

When I first started reading this book I had to check that it was a work of fiction, the three central characters are so real they jump out of the pages at you. Sandra has taken the tragic events of 9/11 and wrapped around them this story of courage and inspiration. At the end of the book in the Author’s Note she dedicates the book to all the victims of that terrible day and those victims go way beyond those who lost their lives. Relatives, friends associates all were affected. Sandra also goes onto say The whole country (The USA) was touched that day. I can assure Sandra that Britain and every other civilised country in the world was touched that day. As you know Britain has had more than its fair share of terrorist attacks, first the IRA and on 7 July 2005 suicide bombings on London’s transport system. So we Brits stand shoulder to shoulder with our American cousins.

Back to the book, Steps to Courage is very well written with a whole gambit of characters, the well meaning but over protective father, the aunt and uncle taking care of their orphaned nephew and many, many more. The portrayal of these people is very well rounded and convinces the reader to want to know what happens to everybody.  The book covers the immediate lead up to 9/11, the aftermath and individual courage and bravery shown on the day, but then follows on for two more years after the event so we can see what happens to them. It details not only the physical recovery from the injuries suffered by the characters but also the psychological changes that take place in their minds. The change from victim to survivor and the steps that takes is a very important aspect of the book and is very well covered by Sandra.

The subject matter does not make this a pleasant book to read, how could it but you will find it truly inspirational? As they come to terms with the events which change their lives forever you will marvel at their support for each other and their resilience. I enjoyed this book and would without hesitation recommend it to anybody who wants a good read with a hard edge of reality thrown in.

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