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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A review of my novel The Catalytic Programme

Please indulge me with this. Barbera Billig author of A Nuclear Catastrophe (shortly to be re-named following advice from my contacts) has kindly read and reviewed my first novel The Catalytic Programme. I am so thrilled with her review I just had to share it with you. I know it is self-indulgent but the review is so good I can’t help myself.

First here is the blurb from The Catalytic Programme:-

When international banker David Levy   becomes unwittingly involved in a global scheme to ruin the West's finances his   first reaction is to approach the authorities, that's when his troubles really   start. It sets off a chain of events that causes the body count to mount and   sends Levy along with Jackie Lean the widow of his best friend on a world wide   chase for self preservation and a search for answers. From the USA to Europe and then Asia   every cry for help leads to betrayal. In the end Levy realises that the answer   is back home where it all began. He must return to the USA to solve the puzzle.   There, in a terrifying climax he fights for his life in a final effort to   overcome The Catalytic Programme. Can David Levy live long enough to save himself, Jackie and the Free World's Economy?

And here is Barbera’s review, are you ready for this:-


Book Review by : Barbara Griffin Billig

THE CATALYTIC PROGRAMME – a fiction thriller, written by Terry Callister

Available in ebook form and paperback .

Indie novelist, Terry Callister, is an engrossing writer with his first novel. The tale he spins shows he himself to be a world traveler and a profound thinker.

Starting out in an American setting, he has woven his tale around the idea of Communism making an ideological terrorist comeback. His protaganist character, David Levy, is handsome, an educated banker, successful in his career, and in his past life, special forces in the military. His Japanese banker associate,Ki, informs him that he has seen a copy of a memo and has evidence that Peru's banking system is systematically being squeezed out of the credit market and set up to fail, bankrupting the country. Soon Ki is dead and as David investigates, he finds himself a target to be killed.

The story progresses to England, Hong Kong, the Phillipines, Canada, and finally back to the United States. David Levy's adventures are full of cultural nuggets of wisdom – why the far eastern dope trade is so successful, the standard greetings of the English versus the Americans – thoughts on the unfairness of democracy versus communism – media fairness and accuracy. But the action never stops in this adventure novel. David Levy and Jackie Lean, the widow of his best friend, twist and turn their way around the world, barely escaping asassination attempts as they try to unravel the plot against the United States and ultimately the world's freedom.

The publishing world today seems to only select those books they feel are “sure” things. One then becomes grateful for the independent publishing routes that have developed and the new books we are offered that would have been missed. As an aside, I read this book on my smart phone. It has Adobe Reader which opened the .pdf file and resized the text to my comfort level. Also, the phone is lit at night – no reading light required and it is quite light and comfortable to hold. The phone also has a kindle application to read books formatted thusly. And you always have your phone with you when you have a spare moment to read.

This book is a great read AND thought provoking. The plot is imaginative and refreshingly new. The writing is rich in texture and words. The .pdf format is annoyingly unstable, but that is not the fault of the author. I would highly recommend this book to enjoy and expand your world.

For further information on how to purchase this book please go to:-


Thank you so much Barbera.

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Collette said...

Great review, Barbara and Terry! Congratulations to you both. Keep up the great work :)

Terry Callister said...

Thank you Collette, very kind of you to say so. How are things going with the sale of your book, well I hope?

mountainmama said...

Wow, what a wonderful review, Terry. Don't blame you at all for sharing! Kudos!