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Saturday, August 13, 2011

My weekly foray into the world other than books.

I should imagine by now that the entire world knows about the riots that took place in some of the major cities of the UK. There is a lot of talk about the police tactics, but they quelled the riots reasonably quickly and are rapidly bringing the perpetrators to justice. If you can call some of the sentences handed out justice, particularly to the youngsters, ten year olds, etc.

The Prime Minister recalled parliament to discuss the riots and a lot was said, but like most things politicians say it is all probably hot air and now the rioting has stopped will be forgotten about in a week or so.

Questions have been asked why did it happen.

I and the vast majority of people in the UK can answer that easily. The liberal left wing has for the last twenty years or so eroded all sense of personal responsibility from the people. Everything is somebody else’s fault. One of the worst things the UK imported from the USA were the no win, no fee lawyers. TV adverts blare out “If you’ve had an accident at work, or out in the street etc, etc.” All forms of discipline have now disappeared or been outlawed. Parents can no-longer smack their kids for transgression; teachers can do little or nothing to disruptive kids. The police can do very little and the justice system in the UK has been weakened so much to be a joke. It is the case that more is thought of and done for the criminal than the victim.

Unfortunately our politicians are so far removed from reality of living in the real world that they just cannot understand what is wrong with society and until there is a radical change with the political system the three party politics in the UK will always ensure it remains the same.

God help us all.

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