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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Books and Novels to Read is 4 months old.

I’ve been very quiet this week on the blogger front. Just toooooo busy to prepare a blog. Last Saturday marked Books and Novels to Read being in existence for 4 months, it seems a lot longer. It has changed a lot since that first day, improved I hope and has grown bigger than I ever expected. I’m privileged to have met some really good people via the website and their generosity to other authors is inspiring. I few books have been sold through the website already which is very pleasing and I’m sure once the website is ranked in Google, Yahoo etc it will really take off. So, thank you for your patience and understanding and let’s all look forward to the next four months.

Just a little reminder, a fellow blogger has a website Free Book Reviews. Albert loves reviewing books so contact him if you would like YOUR book featured in his blog.


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