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Saturday, October 29, 2011

An interview with Lorhainne Eckhart author of The Choice

BNR - Hello Lorhainne it's great to talk to you today. I know our readers love to hear the views of different writers.
LE: The Choice is the title of the latest novel. It is the first novel in a series titled Walk the Right Road. I struggled with the title for this novel. But it is about the making the right choice, whether to follow the path of destruction or walk the right road. My character in the novel struggles with her choices made.
BNR - Have you tried getting your books published by the conventional route or did you go straight into self publishing?
LE: My first novel is published through the Wild Rose Press. I chose to self-publish this novel due to changes in this industry. I worked with a Literary Agent and Editor prior to taking that step to self-publish. Because of the subject matter of the novel, I walked away from a publisher when they tried to change the context of the story. It has elements of romance and suspense, but it’s not a romance.
BNR - How many books have you written, what are they and are they all in print or eBooks?
LE: I have two published novels, both in eBook and print. The Captain’s Lady and The Choice. My third novel The Forgotten Child will be released November 1.
BNR - Would you say your writing career has been successful, have you sold many books?
LE: I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished in my writing career. Book sales have been better than what I expected.
BNR - How have you promoted your books, social media, advertising, book fairs? Which method of promotion would you say has been most successful?
LE: Social Media has been my primary focus, although I did pursue print advertising, and features in the local newspaper. But as I was advised by other writers, print advertising and articles in the paper don’t hold a lot of weight in sales. Social Media and book blogs have been the most successful form of promotion.
BNR - Do you have any new writing projects in the pipeline?
LE: Actually I have two. The Forgotten Child, a contemporary romance, will be published November 1, 2011. And A Father’s Love, a young adult short story with illustrations by a local artist, will be published November 6, 2011.
BNR - What do you see in the future for the book industry? Will print books disappear as eBooks take over?
LE: I don’t believe print books will disappear. But the numbers already reflect the steady rise in eBook sales.
BNR - Which authors in particular are you influenced by and what genre do you enjoy reading?
LE: There are a number of authors that have influenced me. Suzanne Brockmann, Karin Slaughter, and the talented authors at Orangeberry Book Collective. As far as genre, I read almost anything, but I gravitate toward crime fiction and romantic suspense.
BNR - In a desert island disc scenario, which book would you want to have with you?
LE: Gone with the Wind
BNR - What age range are you in?
LE: 40 - 50
BNR - Where were you born and where do you now call home, have you had much chance to travel?
LE: I was born in Alberta, but home is now on Vancouver Island. No with children, travelling has taken a back burner. Maybe in the next few years, Ireland is at the top of my list to visit.
BNR - Do you have any inspirational words for all your fellow self published authors?
LE: Keep writing, and no matter what anyone says don’t give up.
About Lorhainne
Lorhainne Eckhart began her writing career in 2008, when she published her first novel, The Captain's Lady, a Contemporary Military Romance. Lorhainne Eckhart is a member of the RWA, Sisters in Crime and Victoria RWA. She makes her home on beautiful Vancouver Island, and lives in the country with her three children. The mother of a special needs child. And one of her greatest gifts was having to learn, organization, structure, and how to stay focused on what's really important in life. She lives by simple rules, the same she teaches her children. Stay honest, be impeccable with your word, never take advantage of anyone, and treat everyone with respect. She's an advocate for children with special needs. Passionate about preserving our environment, wildlife, and protecting what natural resources we have left, so there will be a future for our children. Lorhainne loves her garden, nature and all animals. When she isn't being a busy Mom, working on, and promoting her next novel, you'll find her horseback riding on the trails, working in the garden, or outside enjoying nature. Lorhainne is an avid reader and writer. She writes romantic suspense, but enjoys reading novels from all genres. Her latest novel, The Choice, Book One of Walk the Right Road Series, is a romantic, mystical suspense. And explores an issue most women have fallen victim to at one time in their life. The masterful predator who preys on vulnerable women, and clouds the invisible barrier between right and wrong. What would you do for someone you love?
Reviews from Amazon
"The first quality the reader will notice about this novel is the amount of events occurring and meshing together all at once. The reader will experience a drug bust, haughty and cruel drug lord, dirty cops, dark entities, etc... Marcie, the main character, is smack dab in the middle of all of this. Marcie is being utilized as a mule for her boyfriend, Dan, who turns out to have some magical persuasive powers of his own. Sam, an agent working to nab Dan and stop the operation, sees and instantly wants Marcie for himself. Marcie is one of those odd, but interesting characters who can see dead people. She is a sympathetic character while Sam is the strong, handsome hero. It doesn't take long for this story to get fairly steamy, there is a little bit of sex (for 18+ readers). The novel is predictable in many ways, but there are a few surprising twists thrown in. The ending is satisfying and expected. This novel is recommended for adult readers who enjoy contemporary romance."
"I found this book to be a very interesting read. A bit of magic and romance as well as suspense thrown in. For people who are in to one, two or all three of these things, I would recommend this book. This is the first book I have read by Lorhainne Eckhart and I am hoping to read some more of hers."
"I really enjoyed reading this book. The beginning really brought me in and I got attached to the characters easily. I thought the storyline was intriguing and it kept me guessing throughout the story. It was an overall good read, not one of my favorite books ever, but it was still worth the time to read and I would recommend reading it to anyone wanting a good read."
"From the beginning, I was enthralled with the way the author wove the details of this story together. The incident where Marcie met Sam in New Orleans started a whole chain of events that kept the plot moving. Between witchcraft, police business, marijuana grow-ops and life on a small island, there was a lot going on all the time. The secondary characters were interesting and they added to the overall mystery and to the romance blooming between our hero and heroine. The villain was believable--sometimes slimy and mean-hearted and other times sweet like gooey candy that sticks to your teeth. He brought another level of interest to a complicated intrigue. This author has a wonderful talent of creating people with a depth of emotion, which makes them almost seem like friends rather than characters in a book. Her talent is revealed in lines such as - Her heart pounded when panic licked away her confidence, leaving her feeling shy and awkward. I enjoyed this tale very much and I'm looking forward to the next book from Ms. Eckhart."
BNR: Thank you Lorainne that was an enjoyable and enlightening interview. BNR wishes you the best of luck for the future. Be sure to tell us about all your upcoming plans.
To buy a print copy of The Choice in U.S. Dollers click here.The Choice (Walk the Right Road, Book 1)

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