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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Short Stories

Short Stories


I told you the other day I was mulling over an idea for Books and Novels to Read. It’s an idea I thought would be possible right from when I started BNR back in April, but had to wait until I had a sizeable number of contacts. Now I have I’ll run this by you.

What do you think about:-

‘The Books and Novels to Read.com Compendium of Short Stories’.

I’m privledged to have read some excellent stories since I’ve been running BNR. Lots of them should have been picked up and published by the traditional route, but hey that’s a different story. I believe there is a lot of talent within BNR authors and a collection of short stories in the genre of your choice could have benefits for us all.

I’d propose that at the end of their story the author writes a page about themselves and their work, this could be a great boost in advertising for each author.

It would also be a great boost for BNR and that could help us all to sell more of our regular books.

This is just a prelininary blog to gauge interest but in the meantime I’m working on the mechanics of setting this up.

Please email if you are interested when I will get back to you with more details.

Have a great day - Terry

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