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Friday, October 7, 2011

The BNR compendium of Short Stories


Here is how I see The Books and Novels to Read Compendium of Short Stories working.

All stories must NOT have been previously published.

Stories should be a maximum of 7,500 to 8,000 words long or there about, but I won’t be counting. There is no minimum length.

At the end of your story please add a page about yourself, your other books and anything else you would like to say.

Please avoid profanity and sexual explicitness; we want this suitable for adult family readers.

Please submit your entry by email to terry@booksandnovelstoread.com with your story as a Word 97 - 2003 doc attachment.

Write the story in your favourite genre, or something different as you wish.

I will compile the book and have it printed via Createspace with their Expanded Distribution Channels. I will also do a Kindle version and Smashwords version.

Please submit all entries by 31 December 2011 or earlier if possible.

I will distribute any profits equally amongst all contributors.

If any contributor would like copies to take to a book signing, I will get the cost from Createspace, let you know what that cost is for the printing and carriage, you can then send me the cost to my PayPal account and I will order the books for you and arrange carriage to your home address.

It is all pretty simple really, but if you have any comments or thoughts on how it could be achieved better please let me know.

Take care - Terry

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