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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

About Books and Novels to Read

Hello All

I´ve just completed a new search facility on the BNR website. You can now search by Author or Title as well as by genre. I´ve added all the print books and am about to start on the ebooks.

It is a long job so please be patient if your book doesn´t appear for a while, it will get there in the end.

By the way, I´ve had to purchase a new computer as my old one went bang during a thunder storm. I now have Windows 7, how posh is that? What a swizz though, as soon as I attached the machine to the internet it downloaded 89 updates from Microsoft about 550 Mbs of information. I did the uploads on my Grandson´s ADSL, at home on dial-up that would have taken about 48 hours solid.

Plus I had trouble uploading all my contacts into Windows Live Mail, something to do with my old Windows XP being in Spanish and Windows 7 is in English. I ended up doing this manually, so if I´ve lost anybody I´m sorry but I´m sure you will contact me eventually.

Have a really great day.

Best tregards - Terry

1 comment:

mountainmama said...

Great job, Terry! Thanks.